Richmaid now offers
Broasted Chicken!

Dine in ~ or Take Out!

The Richmaid Restaurant was established in 1938. In 1998, it was purchased by Janet & Gary Crow and is now family owned and operated. We offer great food and great service! Home-style foods just like Mom used to make. All of our sauces, gravys, mashed potatoes, carrot salad and dishes are home-made. We bake our fresh turkey, pot roast and meatloaf daily. We buy local meats like our country sausage and bratwurst. What can get better than that? Everything is made with an extra touch of goodness. Even though we no longer carry Richmaid ice cream, we're still the best around and we make a mean banana split. (Not to mention our home-made bread pudding!)

Broasted Chicken Menu

Meet the Business Owners: Janet and Gary Crow

Janet has been in food service for over 30 years. Many of you remember her as a waitress from Carrows. Her husband Gary has been in food service as well for many, many years. He started out opening "Happy Steak" restaurants throughout the valley. Over the years he has also worked in food distribution for many local companies. Together they decided that they knew what it took to run their own restaurant and opened the Richmaid in 1998. This was a great adventure for them and their 3 children that proved to be successful over the past 21 years.